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Who We Are

About Our Founder

Tresca Trent Grannum grew up in the Holley Homes Projects in Albany, Georgia. Tresca and her sister, Tonyea (Monk), were raised by a single mother, Josephine Trent Anderson (deceased). Life was difficult for them, but her mother’s perseverance and determination as a nurse’s aide, then as a registered nurse administrator, afforded them the opportunity to move from the projects to a different environment.

However, sexual abuse had taken its toll on Tresca. She hid her post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative identity disorder through activities such as cheer leading, singing, dancing, and acting in school plays-her means to survive. Lost and desperate for healing, she surrendered her life to Jesus in 1979. He told her, “I will restore your soul,” and Jesus kept His promise.

Tresca served in The United States Air Force for six years. She attended Arizona State University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor in Social Work degree. She obtained her Master’s in Social Work degree from the University of Denver.

Tresca also attended St. Michael’s Seminary where she received her pastoral counseling and teaching training.  Additionally, she completed the Exchanged Life Advanced Training while in Austin, Texas over 10 years ago and she is a commissioned minister with Network 220. Tresca worked in an acute behavioral health hospital.  Over the past 35 years as a pastoral counselor, psychotherapist supervisor, and teacher, Tresca has given her whole heart to ministering to others from ages 2 to 80. Her passion has always been to offer  hope and healing for the pain and emotional struggles each may face. Through His Fullness Ministries, Inc. and HFM Counseling Center, located in Cedar Park, Texas, her team ministered to almost 7000 people during their short tenure in the community. The office closed in 2015 due to Tresca’s brain disorders.

Tresca and her husband Anthony, both retired, live in Ponte Vedra, Florida, where she continues to minister through her books, blog, songwriting, and pastoral counseling.

Her Journey

Tresca, like so many children longed to be loved, accepted, and whole, but breaking the cycle of poverty, emotionally, was difficult. Shepherd Goodness (in Selah the Little Lamb) also known as ‘Christ the Good Shepherd’ in the Bible rescued her, cleansed her, and made her whole. He alone restored her soul! Tresca’s past experiences, ministering to children, teenagers, and adults who also were wounded and abused, eventually resulted in writing the Selah the Little Lamb books.

Selah the Little Lamb and A Heart of Gold series will minister to all children, even the young-at-heart. The stories depict the love of our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ who came into our hearts to share their wisdom and life with us. They came never to condemn us, but to take care of and nurture us now and forever more.

We have a loving Shepherd Goodness, who cares about every one of us and everyone who read our books will discover just how much He really cares for us.

Selah the Little Lamb has been with Tresca all of her life and it is with great joy and pleasure she shares her stories with others!